I hope not only a people are paying attention to basketball, the NBA

Because I like basketball. My friend is not a lot. No one with me watching basketball game.So let’s dive into game 4 of the NBA Finals. This series is European style basketball, meaning it’s all perimeter. The bigs aren’t involved, and that includes Chris Bosh. Bosh may need to assert himself but I put that blame on Dwyane Wade. Sure, Wade played better in game 4 when you reflect on the rest of the series, but in reality, isolate this game and he turned in another mediocre performance. He continues to isolate himself into forced situations and play “hero ball.” Miami can afford to be off and on individually and still win games, and they’re one away from accomplishing their mission.nba jersey

So many times. I just silently in the blog comments on some things.On that note, let’s get this out of the way. This series is over, OKC will not beat Miami three games in a row. They could win the next game, or even the next two for that matter, but I’m not buying them to comeback in the finals. nba jerseys paypal They could force a game 7 and I’ll still tell you the Heat will get their ring. My original prediction was Miami in 6 games. They simply have that luxury and my issue with that is they take full advantage. No, this isn’t the most complete and balance team in the NBA, but they are the best and one game away from proving so. When you have a trio of the league’s top players, they have to show up routinely and the role players do what they can. That’s why you pay them the big bucks and play them the heavy minutes, and that’s why other teams need to have a stronger bench. Back to the series as a whole, the coaches are mixing the matchups up defensively, but the offensive side of the ball has nothing to do with coaching and is solely based on talent.


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